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Hunting for the perfect countertop is one of my favorite parts of a kitchen renovation. Stone distributors are located all over Atlanta. I visited many warehouses, and the distributor with the best selection, most reasonable prices, expert knowledge, and helpful staff was Stone Center. Other impressive distributors include Stone Connection, AGM Imports, Cosmos, and AA Marble & Granite. I found beautiful stones. From the pictures you can see that I wasn’t looking for a traditional granite slab. I wanted something unusual – something stunning!

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I considered numerous materials such as onyx, soapstone, quartz, quartzite, marble and of course granite; and narrowed options primarily based on application. Distributors and others may provide a much more thorough explanation, but in essence the main points I considered with regard to a stone for the kitchen included the following:

  • Onyx is captivating, but too brittle and very expensive. It’s often used for in commercial reception areas.
  • Soapstone scratches too easily. If you tossed your keys on the counter, it would probably scratch.
  • Quartz is man-made. I wanted something natural.
  • Marble is expensive, porous and requires routine maintenance.

While so many choices may seem overwhelming, my approach is to first just identify what I love. When remodeling a kitchen, bath or really anything you need to start somewhere; and I think there’s usually a natural place to start based on what inspires your ideas in the first place. What color palette do you love? What materials draw your attention? What is your inspiration piece? What is it that you love most about what you’ve seen? Start there and then work everything to compliment where you start. If you are really true to yourself, and what you like, you’ll be less stressed and have more fun! That’s been my experience.

My inspiration for the kitchen started with a beautiful rosewood grain for the cabinets. M%20Rosewood

To complement the rosewood, I wanted a classic marble look for the countertops. Quartzite oftentimes has a marble effect, and my favorite was the White Macaubas. It has just a hint of blue and green that follows the charcoal gray vein flowing through it. Another quartzite slab with a more classic gray and white marble look also caught my eye; but once I saw pictures of the White Macaubas installed, I was convinced that my first instinct was the best!

2015-02-07 09.12.19 2015-02-06 08.37.00 HDR





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