cavePainting - Part 1 theKitchen

29 June 2015
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29 June 2015, Comments 0

Paint color options seem as open ended as picking a college major.  There’s a pull from one end of the spectrum to the other.  The desire to keep it neutral versus the desire to go bold.

The kitchen and the exterior were two main areas of concern for the Smokecreek Project.  For the kitchen I drew inspiration from a picture in Southern Living magazine.

southern living article

The article featured a Sherwin-Williams neutral blue-gray palette that I thought would be perfect in contrast to the rosewood I selected for the island cabinetry. At any rate, it was a place to start.


The cabinets I selected for the perimeter of the Smokecreek kitchen were similar in color to the wall color Fluer De Sel SW7666 in the picture so I couldn’t use it on the walls as well. I tried the darker color used on the island called Mineral Deposit, but I was surprised to discover that it had a little too much of a blue tone in it.  I had a variety of blue-gray paint swatches from Lowe’s and The Home Depot that I was considering for the exterior so I selected a few of those to try next.

The first color I chose was Olympic Cannon Gray D63-5. It was a perfect compliment to the gray perimeter cabinets and the countertops, but it was so dark I was unsure. I tried 6 other paints and they just didn’t offer anything interesting. I went ahead and painted one whole wall in the kitchen as well as a wall in the family room that I originally planned to paint in the same color.

I’m still on the fence, but I’ll let you know what I decide in my next post.

You can see some of my other paint color selections for the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry in my previous post slabTastic – Part 2.


Happy cavePainting!!

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